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Behind the Scenes

We made this film with the support of a couple of hundred supporters on Seed&Spark. This collection of behind-the-scenes updates was launched privately first, for those supporters to be included in the filmmaking process. Now, we open them up to everyone who is interested in how we made this short film. Enjoy!
On-Set photos
Gallery of behind the scenes photos
The Making of "Real Artists"
We break down each scene, with a bonus blooper reel
Interviews with Cast & Crew
Discussions on characters, artificial intelligence, drones, and diversity
Production Binder
The shooting script, shot lists, storyboards, and an early animatic
Semaphore Studios
The animation studio in the film where Sophia interviews with Palladon
Semaphore Is EVIL
A citizen web-crusader exposing Semaphore Animation Studios for who they really are
Film Festival Screenings
We are proud that Real Artists screened at over 150 film festivals throughout the world
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